How to Get Your Business Funded

On Thursday, October 22, 2015 TFCU hosted an informative session entitled How to Get Your Business Funded in the successful TFCUniversity series. As always, all TFCUniversity events are FREE!

The session’s keynote speaker was be John M. Kennedy Jr., who currently serves as the Comptroller of Suffolk County. Comptroller Kennedy  spoke to his experience handling the finances of Suffolk County, trends he is saw regarding allocation of government resources, and shared his experience regarding the commercial landscape of the region.

The following panel discussion focused on the ins and outs of taking collected investment and seed funding, and successfully launching your business. Many forums explore how to raise money for a business venture, but few look at how to wisely invest those resources towards the success of your business. Attendees left with a useful list of action items that they can put into action immediately after the event.

Panel1     ComKennedy2

Panelists included:

Neil Kaufman, Long Island Capital Alliance

Robert Larson, Moxie Consulting

Jordan Herzlich, Teachers Federal Credit Union


CJ Meyers, Teachers Federal Credit Union