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See for yourself why the media is buzzing about TFCU’s innovative approach to fostering small business growth by registering for the next Business Clinic!

From The Credit Union Times:

“The format kept people engaged and didn’t allow any one panelist to drone on or dominate the discussion,” Viccaro O’Leary explained, who served as TFCUniversity’s business clinic moderator.

Small business owners also had the opportunity to ask questions of each panelist.

“The impression I got was the reactions from small business owners,” said Ken Braun one of the six panelists who spoke on digital marketing. “They really got a tremendous amount of value from all of the different panelists. People were excited about learning things they had never known before because they are not experts in these areas. Each panelist gave so much insights and value that it was totally clear that everyone was so excited .”

From Newsday:

“We are proud to host this event that will give the Long Island business community the chance to hear from experts on how to build a successful company.” Robert G. Allen, president and CEO of TFCU, said.